Director of Project Finance

JOB DUTIES:  Develop and drive Sunpin’s long-term solar project finance strategy that includes debt, equity and project sales.  Oversee corporate investments, develop long-term strategies and prepare financial reports. Support Sunpin in seeking funds to finance projects through a combination of equity and debt by leveraging relationships with equity investors and financial institutions. Identify principal investment opportunities to develop long-term strategies in equity investments, mergers, and acquisitions. Gather information from multiple sources and analyze the financial and technical feasibility of solar projects for various properties and client types. Coordinate between business development, finance and operations teams to maintain cost estimates, federal and state incentive information and other critical assumptions. Research federal and state photovoltaic (PV) incentive programs for incorporation into analyses and identification of new business opportunities. Prepare and analyze project financial models for deeper understanding of project dynamics and for preparation of financing solicitation materials for financiers/investors. Review and prepare financial reports, conduct financial forecasts, and investigate approaches to improve profitability. Understand customer financing needs and develop appropriate project financing solutions. Maintain and establish strong relationships with investor/financiers, bankers and other intermediaries to gain insights and to speed resolution of potential finance related issues.  Lead the solicitation and execution of project finance transactions that satisfy the requirements of customers, investors and Sunpin.  Devote attention to financing trends and upcoming market changes to anticipate and develop new financing approaches.

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Master’s or foreign equivalent degree in Finance, Business Administration, Statistics, Economics or a related field, plus two (2) years of finance, investment management, market analytics, or related experience.

This position also requires education or experience in: (a) Preparing complex financial models using existing raw data and assumptions; (b) Transforming raw data into presentations that convey the intended value proposition; (c) Overseeing project and structured financing; (d) Interacting with investors and presenting business propositions; and (e) Working closely with executive team in preparing complex sponsor contracts.

Send resume to: Rachel Cummings, 2020 Main Street, Suite 300, Irvine, CA 92614

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