Sunny Xing is a Market Research Associate at Sunpin. Ms. Xing is responsible for business development, marketing strategy, and execution. Ms. Xing tracks and analyzes different solar markets from legislation, policy, incentive programs to property tax. Ms. Xing is also responsible for establishing a holistic marketing and branding strategy for Sunpin.

Before joining Sunpin, Ms. Xing worked at EnterSolar as an integral part of the marketing and business development team preparing analytics-based marketing materials to pitch clients to secure new business. Ms. Xing was also involved in updating/enhancing EnterSolar’s proprietary marketing materials to grow and improve EnterSolar’s brand recognition, consistent with the company’s business plan and growth strategies.

Ms. Xing is a NABCEP Associate and a CFA Level 3 candidate. Ms. Xing holds a B.A. from Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing China, and a Master of Integrated Marketing from New York University.