Sunpin is actively developing and constructing municipal, commercial, industrial and utility-scale solar plants in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, California and Texas. Our current projects include:

Tolland (Municipal Project)
  • Location: Tolland, Massachusetts
  • Installed Capacity: 3.97 MW DC
Austin (Industrial Project)
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • Installed Capacity: 2.0 MW DC
Church Hill (Utility Project)
  • Location: Church Hill, Maryland
  • Installed Capacity: 7.36 MW DC
North Shore (Utility Project)
  • Location: Riverside County, California
  • Installed Capacity: 96.18 MW DC
East Acres (Industrial Project)
  • Location: Pittsfield, Massachusetts
  • Installed Capacity: 3.6 MW DC
Otis (Utility Project)
  • Location: Blandford, Massachusetts
  • Installed Capacity: 6 MW DC