East Acres Solar Project

Utility WMECO

System Owner NuGen Capital Management

Energy Offtaker Pittsfield Housing Authority

Incentive Program MA SREC II Program

Solar Powers Adaptive Reuse

East Acres solar project is located in Pittsfield, MA. East Acres is a 4.4MW (DC) photovoltaic solar generation system. The facility is located on 77 acres of retired campgrounds previously operated by the Young Men’s Christian Association, adaptively reusing this land to generate clean electricity. The generation facility interconnects to Western Massachusetts Electric Company through a gang operated three phase utility line distribution.

The Economic Benefits of Clean Energy

In addition to the Massachusetts solar incentive of approximately $285/SREC, this project produces revenue as well as clean power:

  • Power Sale for 20 years
  • This system has a 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and Accelerated Depreciation:Under the Accelerated Depreciation rules, the owner of the solar system may deduct roughly 20% of the total system cost each year for five years

Sustainable Power, A Sustainable Environment for Massachusetts

The East Acres solar project’s 4,397 kW capacity not only reduces energy costs for the Western Massachusetts Electric company and the residents of MA, but it also helps both the utility and the Commonwealth meet their sustainability goals. 4,397 kW of solar power is the equivalent of:

  • The CO2 emissions of 3,580,221 pounds of burned coal
  • The greenhouse gas emission of a passenger vehicle driven 8,020,397 miles
  • The carbon sequestered by 3,854 acres of US forests in one year

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