Titan Solar 1 Energy Project

System Owner Sunpin Solar

Utility Imperial Irrigation District

The Titan Solar 1 Energy Project

The 98 MWdc Titan Solar 1 Energy Project is Sunpin Solar’s second large utility-scale solar project in Imperial Irrigation District (IID) territory following its successful development of the 75 MWac ColGreen North Shore Project in 2018. The project is situated on a 569-acre parcel between the beautiful Salton Sea and Anze Borrego Desert State Park in Imperial County, California. It reaches the commercial operation date on December 18, 2020. The single-axis tracking solar project will generate over 218,000 MWh annually, which is enough to power over 26,900 homes annually.

Energy Buyer Benefits and PPA Options

  • No upfront capital outlay required
  • Hedge against electricity price exposure
  • Option to firming up intermittent solar power
  • Supply of portfolio content categories 1 (“PCC-1”)
  • Flexibility of PPA terms: shorter tenor, index-plus, etc.
  • Naming right of the solar farm
  • Tax equity investment option if needed

Environmental Benefits

The 98 MWdc Titan Solar 1 Project brings clean renewable energy to the community, as well as hundreds of short and long term jobs. The annual energy production of the project is equivalent to:

  • 154,300 tons of CO2 offset
  • 182,000 acres of U.S. forests equivalence in CO2 reduction
  • 84,900 tons of coal burned for energy production

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