Caring for the Land, the Community, Your Bottom Line

Sunpin Solar is an experienced, trusted partner for the individuals and communities we work with in developing solar energy projects. Across North America, Sunpin partners with landowners to be stewards of the land and of the environment, producing good, clean jobs while producing good, clean energy. Sunpin provides landowners the opportunity for 20-plus years of predictable cash flow, a reliable income source that can last generations with minimal impact to the land itself or to the surrounding environment.


   Benefitting Landowners

If you have under-utilized acreage, working with Sunpin provides:

• Income security through long-term land leasing or competitive-market purchase
• An alternative use for fallow agricultural land
• Clean and professionally managed solar sites


   Benefitting Communities

The communities we work in are our partners. Sunpin Solar projects strengthen communities by:

• Providing economic opportunity by generating good jobs
• Producing significant tax revenue
• Stimulating economic and infrastructure investment
• Assistance in being recognized as a clean, green and sustainable community


  Benefitting the Environment

Solar energy is:

• Clean
• Renewable
• Sustainable


   How Development Works

If you own property of 10 or more acres with limited on-site wetlands, Sunpin will work with you through every stage of the assessment and development process. First, we collect and evaluate data about your site, making sure there is enough space to accommodate a ground-mounted solar system. If the property aligns with our criteria, we’ll move forward by providing a lease or purchase offer on the property.

Some of the items we take into consideration when assessing land for solar energy projects include:

• Access to abundant sunlight
• Property shading, slope, terrain, and topography
• Solar system size potential
• Proximity to adequate electrical interconnection and transmission infrastructure
• Impact on both the natural and man-made environment

Once your site is selected, we handle all needed reviews and permitting, including site and environmental assessments, archeological reviews, and public meetings, and we make sure all federal, state, and local guidelines are met during the planning and permitting processes. All this is done at no expense to the landowners and they will receive compensation during the preliminary study phases from Sunpin.

After the proper permits are obtained, Sunpin handles all construction logistics, activities, and costs. Solar energy construction projects can last up to a year. We strive to keep this process as low maintenance as possible, always aware of contiguous land uses and of the community’s noise and traffic standards for large-scale construction projects.

When the site is ready to go online, Sunpin turns operations and maintenance over to our staff. Whenever possible we hire from within the community by offering internships in conjunction with area high schools and colleges, and by offering and participating in local job fairs.

Although it’s not possible for us to select every site for solar development, we’d love to hear from you about your land and to discuss the possibilities.

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