Savings and Sustainability

As prices for solar panels continue to decrease, commercial, industrial, and institutional organizations are looking to power their operations with solar energy in order to save on energy costs, stabilize electricity prices, reduce their carbon footprint, and achieve sustainability goals. Sunpin Solar is your reliable solar energy partner, with the expertise to provide you with cost-effective clean energy that powers both your facility and your bottom line.

Whether your site has the capacity to run its own solar farm or you purchase solar power from Sunpin, you’ll realize savings from day-one with no initial capital outlay while reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.

A Low-Cost Energy Solution, Whether On- or Off-Site

Sunpin Solar is a leading commercial and utility-scale solar development company in North America. If your facility has the capacity, we will partner with you to build an on-site solar array that can not only meet but exceed your energy needs, allowing you to increase your bottom line by reducing energy costs and providing a revenue stream through the sale of any excess power generated. Not all facilities have the acreage or access to sunlight necessary for an onsite facility. If building an installation at your facility is not possible because of space constraints or structural issues, or if you use more energy than an onsite installation can provide, a remote or “virtual” Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Sunpin is a great option.

Either way, switching to solar energy is a win-win proposition for your organization:

No capital outlay
Sunpin assumes all your solar energy development costs, from planning to permitting, from construction to maintenance and operations

Instant savings
You’ll immediately notice an electricity bill reduction from 5-20%

Easy budgeting
Long-term contracted pricing helps you to manage and contain costs

Environmental responsibility
You’ll meet your sustainability goals—and be known as a clean energy leader in your community

Meeting Your Energy Needs, Together

When you work with Sunpin, you’re partnering with an experienced, strong, flexible, and customer-focused collaborative team prepared to meet your energy needs and sustainability goals. Since 2012, we have provided expertise in financing, engineering, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance of commercial and utility-scale solar energy projects. With solar energy developments under our belt throughout North America, our established partnerships give us unparalleled access to the solar supply chain as well as to landowners, utilities, energy offtakers, local governments, equipment suppliers, engineering consulting firms, subcontractors, and investors interested in becoming a tax equity partner.

Whatever your solar energy needs, Sunpin is the trusted partner who can offer you a risk-free, cost-saving solution.

If you’re interested in learning more or are actively looking for developers to help advise you on ways to meet your clean energy goals.

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