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Sunpin Solar is a financially strong, long-term solar project developer and energy asset owner, with a superb track record of project execution. We not only develop but also retain ownership and operational execution with our partners. We actively work with hundreds of origination partners across the country to provide development and financial support for dozens of solar projects each month. We also work directly with host customers interested in going solar via a virtual Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).


   A Market of Growth and Opportunity

The solar market provides an excellent investment for investors seeking compelling risk-adjusted returns. In the past 5 years, institutional investors seeking above-market returns have invested tens of billions in these assets. The solar asset class continues to grow and provide excellent ROI’s:

• The rate of solar installations increased twentyfold from 2011 to 2015
• In 2015, solar projects accounted for a full quarter of all electricity generation capacity placed into service in the U.S. (U.S. Energy Information Administration)
• In the first quarter of 2016, 64% of all new U.S. electric generating capacity came from solar (SEIA / GTM 2016 Q2 Solar Market Insight)

Given this growth, many market observers expect solar to play a core role in the country’s energy portfolio. Sunpin offers low-risk investment opportunities to tax equity partners interested in reaping the tax benefits of solar projects as well as the opportunity for investors to purchase turnkey, shovel-ready solar projects.


  The Solar Tax Equity Investment

Congress has set the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for eligible solar projects at 30%. The ITC was renewed in December 2015 at 30% through 2019. Starting in 2020 the ITC is reduced to 26%, in 2021 is reduced to 22% and thereafter at 10%. Investment returns for solar tax equity investors are often superior to other tax-advantaged investments. Solar tax equity investors

• Receive large internal initial ROI, with up to 85% of initial capital outlay returned in year one
• Reap depreciation associated with the asset
• Sow operational cash flows over the life of the investment
• Benefit from an exit payment when its interests in the partnership are divested


    Our Projects Guarantee You Returns

Sunpin employs a programmatic approach to originating, securing, performing diligence, and developing solar projects. This highly efficient process presents our project purchasers profitable and scalable investment opportunities. We have acquired and developed projects on behalf of cash equity investors since 2012, using our strong project management skill set to provide unparalleled financial returns.

When you invest in a Sunpin Solar project, you’re partnering with an experienced, reliable developer, and in a project that is ready to provide immediate returns. Sunpin’s projects are

• Pre-vetted through completed feasibility, impact, and facilities studies
• Approved by all state and local municipalities and authorities, including any needed ecological, historical, archeological, and conservation reviews completed
• Shovel ready, with all permits and approvals obtained

Whether you’re an institutional or individual investor, Sunpin will work with you to find the investment opportunity that best meets your needs.

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