Welcome to Sunpin Solar

Sunpin Solar is dedicated to creating a brighter future by harnessing the sun to facilitate solar investment and development across the globe.

Who is Sunpin Solar?

Sunpin Solar is a leading solar energy development and investment company that acquires, develops, and finances utility-scale solar projects globally. Based in Irvine, California, Sunpin Solar is primarily focused on superior project development, asset management, financing, engineering, procurement, construction management and operations of commercial and utility photovoltaic solar plants.

Why Work with Sunpin Solar?

Founded in 2012, Sunpin Solar has quickly become a leader in the utility-scale solar industry. Recently named one of the Top Five Solar Companies in the United States, our team of forward-thinking and experienced experts have the confidence and ability to make impossible projects possible.

Sunpin Solar prides itself on the holistic approach we take when it comes to solar development. At Sunpin Solar, our shared values include:


Sunpin Solar’s first step in any new relationship is to approach it with care. Caring about what you do is the foundation of a strong business model. We love what we do and want to showcase how beneficial it is for everyone to adopt renewable energy.  


Sunpin Solar thrives on a challenge and is the first to take charge of a difficult project. The Sunpin team thrives under pressure and takes great pride in developing custom-tailored solutions. Making the impossible possible is what gives the Sunpin team the most satisfaction.


Our collaborative, flexible approach results in efficient and smooth transactions. We make it easy to contribute to your community, make a positive impact on the earth, and enjoy the financial rewards of solar development!


Sunpin Solar is obsessed with details so that our clients can worry about running a business and not about the ins and outs of their solar projects. Sunpin aims to make the entire solar project process as seamless as possible for our clients, and that starts with making sure we know how, who, what, and where the project is headed.


Sunpin Solar puts people and relationships first. Sunpin refuses to fall short in our commitments to our business, our clients, and to the environment. Our goal is to show the world why renewable energy is the wave of the future and how it applies to all business models.


Sunpin Solar is a proud member of the Irvine Green Business Network. In addition to reducing the global carbon footprint as a renewable energy developer, we help the city of Irvine conserve valuable energy resources on a daily basis. Our office utilizes energy saving devices, compostable containers, and reusable utensils to minimize waste production. We are committed to creating a vibrant green economy!

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