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Reducing Carbon Footprint

Our Company is a sustainable business that works to protect the environment by conserving, reusing, reducing and recycling resources whenever possible. We are also committed to devoting charitable contributions to the environment and the local communities.

California Green Business Network

In early 2020, Sunpin Solar became a certified Green Business. As a part of the City of Irvine’s Green Business Network, the recognition represents our commitment to operating a green business: aimed at improving employee wellness and productivity, energy savings, water efficiency, resource stewardship, and reducing CO2 emissions.

This certification signifies our promise to incorporate sustainable practices at all levels of our operations. Sunpin Solar also strives to continue reducing our carbon footprint through sustainable practices and source reduction initiatives. We take pride in being a part of Irvine and California Green Business Network’s growing green business community.

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Commitment to the Environment

As a leading utility-scale solar developer, we help conserve valuable energy resources daily in addition to reducing the global carbon footprint through our project development effort. Our office utilizes energy saving devices, refillable water stations, compostable containers, and reusable utensils to minimize waste production.

Our Company’s commitment to sustainability extends through all phases of our service and project development lifecycle. Our considerations focus on reducing resource consumption and related emissions in our development process. Our newest 98 MW Titan Solar 1 Energy Project located in Imperial County, California, is estimated to generate 218,000 MWh of clean energy annually, which equates to offsetting 154,300 tons of CO2, 849,000 tons of burned coal, and the amount of emissions absorbed by 182,000 acres of forests.

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We also adopted an environmentally preferred purchasing policy (EPP). EPP is the procurement of goods and services that provides reduced impacts on human health and the environment. It is an essential part of our search for high quality products and services. 

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Commitment to Our Community

Sunpin Solar strives to continue giving back to our community. We believe in building a strong community through volunteering, hosting educational events, and provide hands-on opportunities for local university students.

1. Volunteering and Donations

On Earth Day week in 2019, our California team took action by taking time out of its day to volunteer for Earth Roots Field School in Trabuco Canyon, California, activities including making seed balls, building a composting bin and latrine, removing harmful weeds, planting a tree and donating a solar panel.

In the summer of 2019, Sunpin Solar donated several solar panels and used furniture to The Waldorf School of Orange County. The solar panels are used by two Waldorf teachers for their science program.

2. Community Outreach: Educational Lunch & Learns and Solar Tours

Sunpin Solar has arranged two solar tours for undergraduate and Ph.D. students from the University of California, Irvine in October 2019 and March 2020. During the site tours, students were walked through each stage of the solar energy production cycle and learned about PV modules, racking systems, inverters, substations, and other equipment used, which gave them a new perspective on solar power.

Sunpin Solar has also worked with Engineers for a Sustainable World’s UC Irvine chapter. The students had the opportunity to discuss about solar energy with the company’s executives through a Lunch & Learn and learn about the solar project development process. The Sunpin team also shared a variety of post-graduation options in the renewable energy industry with these aspiring sustainable engineers.

Sunpin Solar has also provided educational opportunities to Illinois’ local communities, Greenville and Kewanee, with solar lunch & learn events.

3. Community Giveback and Internship Opportunities

Sunpin Solar believes in offering college students’ opportunities to gain first-hand exposure in the solar developer industry. The company has employed several students from UC Irvine at our Irvine office in California. In addition, we are partnered with Raritan Valley Community College in New Jersey in providing internship opportunities based in our NJ/PA regional offices.