Austin Rooftop Solar Project

System Owner Sunpin Solar

Utility ComEd

Incentive Program IL SREC Program  

Chicago Goes Big and Goes Solar

The Austin Rooftop Solar project is a rooftop solar installation in Chicago, Illinois. The Austin Rooftop solar project is also one of the largest rooftop-mounted solar systems in the Midwest back in 2012. It is producing approximately 2,500 MWh’s of electricity annually, enough power to drive over 3,500 miles in a passenger car.

Sustainable Power, A Sustainable Environment for Illinois

The Austin Rooftop project’s 2,000 KW capacity not only reduces energy costs for the building owner, but it also helps Chicago and the State of Illinois meet their sustainability goals. 2,000 KW of solar power is the equivalent of:

  • The CO2 emissions of 1,628,000 pounds of burned coal
  • The greenhouse gas emission of a passenger vehicle driven 3,648,000 miles
  • The carbon sequestered by 1,753 acres of US forests in one year

Power generated by this array provides an estimated reduction of over 28,600 tons of CO2, the equivalent to planting over 1,369,830 trees or displacing CO2 from emissions from the electric use of over 6,650 homes.

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